VG @Work

What is VG@Work hosting ?

VisualGest has its own infrastructure, totally secured, that hosts both your applications and your database.

You need only a simple internet connection (secured Verisign) to access all your management tools.

You are operating fast, reliable and secure, without any investment on equipment (hardware).

The budget ?

VisualGest offers a financing solution for the acquisition of licenses, the data migration, the necessary modifications and the training.

Get a turnkey solution without initial investment ! Stay focused on your business !

Focus on your business

Too many companies waste time with an increasingly complex IT management.

Delegate those problems and focus on business, this is the solution proposed by VG@Work, through its hosting.

Get your information

Whatever your platform is (PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile), you connect your VisualGest applications easily and you start working !